Interlude x5
About Us

BloodBros Lineage 2 project.

We think that there are very little good, well established retail servers out there. That‘s why we decided to create this wonderful project – L2BloodBros: stable, high quality and carefully supervised „Interlude“ chronicle server.

Project features:
Firstly our server is OFF, not another JAVA server with tons of bugs! Secondly, this server will not be wiped until last player leaves.We offer you a lot of entertaining and funny events !We don’t have Donation for items or any other things, that helps you in game!

The goal of our project:
We want and hope to create mature, friendly and desirable Lineage2 community. Undoubtedly we want to provide a high quality server and fast cooperation, help in game.

Future plans:
More addons (like tvt/ctf/pig events), and modifications that improves gameplay, and helps the players to get their good times.